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Q: Why do I need to move up my spot on the waitlist? 

A: We give users access to Freeman Capital in small groups. Since there are many people on the waitlist, that means not everyone on the waitlist will get access during our next enrollment period. We take the people higher on the waitlist first and then work our way down, just like how a single file line works.

If you want to make sure you’re in the next enrollment group, then you can skip the waitlist altogether and skip the line. 

Q: How will I receive my free rewards? 

A: All communication will be via email. For example, if you win a gift card giveaway, we will email you directly. Don’t worry, we’ll never leave you hanging. You’ll always be notified if you win rewards and what the next steps are.

Q: Do my friends have to sign up for Freeman Capital or just visit the website? 

A: Your friends have to sign up if you want to earn rewards. The rewards are only unlocked when people sign up for Freeman Capital using your unique link.  

Q: What does “skip the line” mean? 

A: It means you can move to the top of the waitlist and guarantee your spot in our next enrollment period. You can learn more by clicking here.